Industrial Engineering & Industrial Product Design Case Studies

For more than 20 years, Vallmar Engineering has provided services and expertise in industrial engineering, industrial product design (or manufacturing product design) and more. We understand that for product design industrial clients are in a different situation than consumer product design. Industrial product development often involves larger budgets and specific deadlines and other requirements that apply to the industry.

Understanding manufacturing product design is essential to Vallmar Engineering's foundation. Our industrial engineering experience combined with the knowledge gained of your product(s) and business allows us to offer an objective point of view and ultimately provide solutions to your industrial product development challenges.

We have provided several industrial product design case studies here.

Consumer Product Design: Portable Tree Stand

Product Design Industrial: Heavy Equipment Design

Product Design Industrial: Friction Drive Rail

Custom Machine Design: Automated Over-Molding System

Custom Machine Design: Anti-Ballistics Material Development

Industrial Product Design: Design & Development

Industrial Engineering: Case study coming soon