Product Engineering & Other Capabilities

Product design and manufacturing are critical to the success of Vallmar Engineering's clients. Each product engineer is focused on delivering the highest quality and most efficient product possible. However, product engineering is only a component of what Vallmar Engineering does.

Research, Lead or Support

Reverse Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Custom Machine Design

Engineering Analysis and Evaluation

  • Quality issues
  • Safety compliance issues
  • Cost issues
    • Materials specification
    • Manufacturing process analysis
    • Appropriate tolerance specs.

Engineering and Design:
2-D and 3-D CAD

  • Production-ready drawings
  • Development of tolerances and specifications
  • Cell subassemblies
  • Quality control steps for each component and subassembly
  • Safety analysis and OEM design optimization
  • Complete FEA finite element analysis, including motion, fluids and thermal management
  • Assessment of compliance with regulations

Product Planning

  • Lean industrial engineering and manufacturing services
  • Development of optimized manufacturing phases
  • Production documentation, user and manufacturing manuals

Intellectual Property Management

  • Patent development support
  • Intellectual property portfolio management

From products engineering to intellectual property management, the experienced team at Vallmar Engineering provides a turnkey solution to your engineering challenges. Also, we can serve as back-end support for product design and manufacturing projects where your business needs assistance, whether you are in our backyard right here in Stow, Ohio, or across Northeast Ohio and beyond.

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