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Engineering Product Design

For Vallmar Engineering product design and engineering is a passion. With more than 20 years of experience providing skilled design engineering services to the industrial, consumer and medical markets. We are known for our ability to achieve client goals while meeting the quality, delivery and cost objectives set for each product design and engineering project. Vallmar Engineering has a staff of seven licensed engineers, including product design engineers and additional professionals in graphics, marketing and related fields.

Typical product design and engineering projects involve development of subassemblies designed for reduced cost, ease of manufacture, and increased safety. We support in-house engineering staffs and also provide cradle-to-grave engineering services to the OEM market.


Founded in 1984, Vallmar Engineering has a straightforward approach that moves from an initial design and the building of short-run (1 to 10,000 pc.) molding tools to the finished products. This approach reduces the process to its fundamentals by segmenting it into basic parts while placing a strong emphasis on reducing costs and lead-time. This process has been developed by combining cutting-edge technology with years of experience in Europe and the United States.

Vall Iliev | President and CEO

Pepa Iliev | VP Operations

To support our team of product design engineers, industrial engineers and electrical engineers, Vallmar Engineering also provides a strong Board of Advisors to help with various areas outside of product design and engineering.